Why SBS?

27 Years of Experience

Your Commercial Construction Specialist in the Sandhills

  • Unlimited Licensed General Contractor

  • Project Selective

  • Daily supervision and project management

  • Teams with experienced, fully vetted, local contractors

  • Local resources to construct local developments

The SBS Difference

**SBS is “Project Selective”, only accepting projects that meet our standards for professional, time-efficient, cost effective, commercial construction. **

“We enjoy the challenge of a tight schedule” – Mike Locklear – SBS President

**Daily on-site supervision and project management presence by the SBS Owners, allows for maximum adaptability during construction and delivers the most cost-effective and time-efficient construction results.**

“I am the decision-maker… and I’m on-site everyday” – Chris Cleaveland – SBS Vice-President

**SBS utilizes a strong “team” approach to construction, using fully vetted, local, experienced contractors to meet scheduling needs and guarantee quality workmanship.**

“I strongly believe in utilizing local resources to construct local development” – Chris Cleaveland – SBS Vice-President

“My goal for SBS is to remain small enough to provide my personal, hands-on attention to each and every project, while continuing to meet the growing commercial development needs throughout the Sandhills area.”
Chris Cleaveland – SBS Vice-President

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a Professional Contractor, wait until you hire an Amateur.”
Chris Cleaveland – SBS Vice-President

Why SBS?

SBS is dedicated to serving local businesses with the highest quality of commercial construction and renovation. SBS provides a hands-on approach working directly on-site, providing moment to moment decision-making ability throughout the construction process.
SBS works personally with local business owners to develop the optimal construction plan and assembles a team of proven, local sub-contractors to provide time-efficient, cost effective solutions.
Let the SBS professionals help you develop and create the ideal environment for your retail, healthcare or industrial commercial development needs.

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