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Chris Cleveland – Owner / President

Unlimited Licensed General Contractor

Chris Cleaveland is a proud resident of Moore County, a graduate of North Carolina State University, and has been in the commercial construction industry for over 20 years. Chris has also earned his Healthcare Construction Certification through ASHE and the American Hospital Association.
Chris joined SBS in 2008 and in 2015 bought-out the originator of SBS, Mr. Patrick Quick, allowing Pat to enjoy his hard earned retirement. Since joining SBS in 2008, Chris has been involved in over 40+ commercial projects, expanding SBS’s client base and allowing SBS to become one of the Sandhills preferred commercial contractors.
Chris, with his wife Kristy and their two children, live in the Seven Lakes Community of Moore County valuing the great family lifestyle the Sandhills provide. Chris enjoys the game of Golf and thrives in the rich Golf community of the Sandhills.
Chris is dedicated to continuing the success of SBS and is excited to continue responsible development in the Sandhills area.

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